South Texas Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center

Program Overview

Pulmonary Rehabilitation stabilizes or reverses physical and psychological pathology from pulmonary disease and attempts to restore affected patients to their highest level of functional capacity allowed by their pulmonary handicap and overall life situation (as defined by the American College of Chest Physicians). The program provides assessment, care, and training for patients diagnosed with chronic obstructive and restrictive pulmonary diseases. The combined services of exercise, education, and training are usually offered as an 8 week program although individual patient progression may vary.

The Program

Our professional staff provides state of the art evaluation and treatment of pulmonary disorders. Our main goal is to enhance your quality of life. Our Center also provides educational opportunities for patients, and patient’s family to increase awareness their diagnosis and management.


  • Supervised exercise training
  • Medical evaluation
  • Personalized education
  • Physical therapy
  • Referrals as necessary
  • Smoking cessation counseling

Monitoring Exercise

  • Patients attend group exercise three times per week and educational sessions weekly. Each patient is under care of the program director, and the respiratory therapist, and his or her own personal physician.
  • Sessions are held in Brownsville and Harlingen, TX


  • Increasing your lifespan
  • Improving your quality of life
  • Improving your exercise tolerance
  • Reducing your cardiac or pulmonary symptoms
  • Reducing your cardiac or pulmonary risk factor


  • Providing education and counseling
  • Reduce the use of acute care resources
  • Reduce patient’s symptoms
  • Increase patient’s functional ability

South Texas Durable Medical Equipment

South Texas Durable Medical Equipment is dedicated to providing patients with home medical equipment and services to the patients in our service area of the Rio Grande Valley. South Texas DME is committed to providing equipment and supplies that meet or exceed standards of our industry, while providing excellent patient services based on our respect of patient rights with certified and experienced personnel. South Texas DME plans to be involved in community activities and will assist our costumer in obtaining outside founding when needed. With all of this, our mission at South Texas DME is to provide quality equipment and medical Supplies to our patients in order to enhance patient quality of life.

Eligibility Requirements
Hospitalization is not required for admission to the program. Our service are available to patients who meet the following criteria:

  • The patient must be under the care of a physician.
  • The physician deems the service necessary and signs the order certifying the need.
  • The Patient must be qualified for benefits under Medicare, Medicaid, or a Private Health Insurance Program.
  • Texas Health Spring Provider.
  • The Patient’s home environment supports home health services.

Equipment Warranty Information
Every product sold or rented by our company carries a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. South Texas DME will notify all Medicare beneficiaries of the warranty coverage, and will honor all warranties under applicable law. South Texas DME will repair or replace, free of charge Medicare-covered equipment that is under warranty. In addition, an owner’s manual with warranty information will be provided to beneficiaries for all durable medical equipment where this manual is available.


South Texas Durable Medical Equipment is accredited by ACHC Accreditation Commission for Health Care Inc.

  • ACHC
  • 4700 Falls of Neuse Rd Suite 280
  • Raleigh, NC 27609
  • (919) 785-1214

Dreamland Sleep Disorders Center

Our state of the art facility is the first and only Sleep Disorders Center certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in Brownsville. The rigorous process of certification and maintenance of certification guarantees that the highest standard of care is achieved and maintained at every step of patient evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

A unique feature at our center is that an in-house Board Certified Sleep Specialist reviews the quality of patient care and testing on a continuous basis to meet the highest standards, providing evidence based care, applying best outcomes measures and the latest guidelines in a commitment to improve the quality of life and health of our patients.

We specialize in the diagnosis and management of the full spectrum of Sleep Disorders including Insomnia, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and other Sleep Related Breathing Disorders, Restless Legs Syndrome, Parasomnias, Narcolepsy and Circadian Rhythm Disorders among others.

Patients with Insomnia often require a multidisciplinary approach once the origin of the problem has been identified. In this line of work we team up with local Clinical Psychologists to provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as with Psychiatrists and Neurologists when indicated while involving the referring physician in the decision making process.

Our CPAP clinic has been established to achieve the best results. Treatment and compliance are crucial in patients with OSA, for this reason our full time Certified Sleep Technician monitors patient’s CPAP compliance on a regular basis and provides education. If problems are detected, the Sleep Physician is immediately involved in the reassessment of therapy and adjustments are performed accordingly. This approach has led to a significant improvement in compliance rates among patients at our center.

Due to medico-legal and public health concerns, monitoring of compliance and response to treatment in special patient populations with OSA such as truck drivers, heavy machinery operators and pilots requires a careful evaluation. We provide a comprehensive approach in the evaluation of these patients with validated questionnaires, clinical interviews, Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT), CPAP usage downloads and Polysomnographic Testing.


Dreamland Sleep Lab has been granted center reaccreditation status for five years effective October 14, 2016 by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.